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Let’s order ice-cream flavours with PPOM Quantity Pack Add-on

PPOM Quantity Pack Addon

PPOM Quantity Pack Add-on is a special input type, which is, very similar to Variation Quantities input but with a better difference. That is if you want to limit the total quantity that one can order. To have your customers meet specific conditions, quantity wise. For example:

  1. Selling a box of chocolates that contains a total number of 10 chocolates per box, but the chocolates inside comes in different flavors. 
  2. One box of chocolates comes in 4 different flavors. Customers can select different amount of different flavors but the total number of chocolates cannot exceed 10. 
  3. Selling the chocolate box in different flavors, but the customer must select 10 chocolates (doesn’t matter which flavor) in order to complete the box.

In order to meet above requirements, PPOM Quantity Pack Add-on is the simple and only choice for your store.

PPOM Quantity Pack Add-On

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