PPOM Repeater Addon Duplicates the PPOM Fields

PPOM Fields Repeater Addon

PPOM Repeater Addon

PPOM Repeater Addon duplicates the PPOM fields and users can keep repeating the set of PPOM fields to order multiple options. Like if a customer wants to order shirts with multiple lines on this to be printed and the number of lines are known and you want to allow as many lines as the customer wants. So the PPOM Repeater is the best choice. 

PPOM Repeater is also one of the most demanded features in PPOM so we are glad to let you know that it is developed and released. It works following PPOM input types:

  1. Text Input
  2. Number Input
  3. Select Option
  4. Email Input
  5. Checkbox Option
  6. File Upload
  7. Textarea Input
  8. Audio Video
  9. Date Input
  10. Color Picker
  11. Radio Input
  12. Data Range
  13. HTML/Section Contents

PPOM Repeater Addon

Following screenshot displays the setting provided in the addon.

Repeater Addon Setttings
    1. Clone/Remove Title can be set with settings
    2. Icon Sizes can also updated
  • Clone mode
    1. Clone from first box only: means clone only from the first set of fields.
    2. Clone from each box: Each cloned/repeated can also be cloned from. This option is not recommended when/if fields are used with conditions. 
    3. Clone icons position: Where to display the clone icons
Enable the Repeater

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