PPOM UploadCare Add-on – An ultimate image editing experience in WooCommerce Product

ppom uploadcare addon

PPOM UploadCare is best known for online image editing. PPOM had Aviary (by Adobe) with a good reputation for image editing but it was deprecated back in 2015. We couldn’t found the best alternative then. But now things are getting better and available and we found UploadCare.

PPOM UploadCare now can be used for image editing on WooCommerce Product pages for any web2print business. It has tons of options that we integrated into our PPOM Add-on. Features Like:

  1. Effects (crop, rotate, invert, shart, greyscale, blur, enhance, mirror, flip
  2. Upload Sources(tab)
  3. Multiple Images
  4. Multiple maxes
  5. Multiple min
  6. Preview Image
  7. Image shrink
  8. Minimum size
  9. Uploadcare Locale
  10. Image Max Width
  11. Image Max height

Following is the setting screenshot provided in PPOM UploadCare Addon:

upload care

After adding to the cart

When the image is edited with UploadCare and added to the cart. And the link is saved into the cart and sent to order like other PPOM fields. And the admin can download these images. The front-end view of UploadCare with the product is as follows:

uploadcare PPOM

Multiple Sources to Upload

An awesome feature of UploadCare is to allow users to select files from the following 9 different sources:

  1. Local Computer
  2. Direct Link
  3. Facebook
  4. Google Drive
  5. Google Photos
  6. Dropbox
  7. Evernote
  8. Flickr
  9. OneDrive

These sources can be selected via options provided in the addon.

UploadCare Account

UploadCare is a third-party service processing images, in order to use this addon you must have an account with them. You can visit their site there to create your account get your public-key.

[highlight_box style=”fade” height=”80″ url=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fppom.nmediahosting.com%2Fproduct%2Fppom-uploadcare-addon%2F|title:PPOM%20UploadCare%20Demo” btn_shadow=”shadow” text=”PPOM UPLOADCARE DEMO” clr=”#ffffff”]

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