PPOM Version 18.0 – Better Price Manipulation & Currency Switcher

PPOM Version 18.0 is just released and major updates includes in this version are followings:

  1. Non-JS based Price Calculation on Cart page
  2. Currency Switcher – PRO Feature

Non-JS based Price Calculation on Cart page

Now prices are calculated with data being POST, in previous versions we were using a temp variable called `ppom_option_price` which was updated with JS triggers. And sometimes/if it’s not updated due to some JS issues the prices are not updated on cart page. So now we have replaced this approach with non-js based price calculation. Prices are calculated based on data POSTed (data in cart session).

What if this does not calculate prices correctly?

If new price calculation does not work properly, you can switch back to ‘Enable Legacy Price Calculations‘ via PPOM Settings. And please report us about the issue with the subject: New Price Calculation Issue

Currency Switcher – PRO Feature

PPOM now fully compatible WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WOOCS) Plugin. It’s a PRO Feature. Please note if you are existing clients you need to download PPOM PRO again from client portal in order to use WOOCS with PPOM

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