WooCommerce Product Variation Quantity to Order Bulk Quantity

Woocommerce bulk quantity antique

WooCommerce Product Variation Quantity allows clients to order different quantities against product’s different variations/options in WooCommerce Store. WCFORCE plugin includes this awesome input. Variation Quantity can be used in two ways. Let’s see how it works below:

1. WooCommerce Product Variation Quantity without Price

If you want to sell T-Shirts with different sizes like Medium, Large, XL, etc. And each size has the same price. Variation Quantities input allow clients to order different quantity against each size very easily. When the variation price is not attached, the total quantity will be multiplied with the product base price as shown in the screenshots.

The Cart will contain information about each variation’s quantity. See screenshot left.

WooCommerce Product Variation Quantity on Product Page
WooCommerce Product Variation Quantity on Cart Page

2. WooCommerce Product Variation Quantity with Price

If you need to charge different prices for different variations, then prices can easily set against each variation. Each variation price is multiplied with its quantity and sum of all variations calculated as product total price. It is noticeable that is that product quantity is not increase when variation prices are used. Otherwise, it will be impossible to calculate the correct total price.

The Cart will contain information about each variation’s quantity with total quantity. Also, quantity in the cart is disabled when the price is used so it keeps order total correct. See screenshots.

WooCommerce Product Variation Quantity Front-end with price
WooCommerce Product Variation Quantity Cart with price

Looking More Options?

Try our Variation Quantity Matrix Add-on

PPOM Variation Quantity Matrix Add-on is an advanced form of Variation Quantity Field. Variation Quantity Matrix is a super simple form when quantities need to be collected against multiple options.

  • Min & Max. You can also set Min and Max quantities for each variation.
  • WC Product Variation Quantity cannot be used with PPOM Price Matrix when Variation prices are set against the same product.
  • WC Product Variation Quantity cannot be used with PPOM Bulk Quantity Add-on against the same product.
  • How to Get? Variation Quantity is included in PPOM PRO.
WC Variation Quantity Settings

Want to set discount variations prices for Bulk Order?

If you looking to give the discount on bulk order against each variation?  We have a different Add-on for this WooCommerce Bulk Quantity.

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