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The world now is much faster, and busier. People go through multiple jobs throughout the day and also they do need to travel for work as well. As there is already a lot of work for them to cope with, they usually forget to get their tickets booked. Also, it is really hard to get tickets booked since a person doesn’t really know where to find the best price according to his own requirements. Ultimately, it takes a lot of time to go through these. Tiring, that is what it is.

With all these things becoming increasingly advanced with internet-based structure, it can be made much more advanced. Online transport systems do exist, but they don’t comply with what the customers really need to know. It requires improvements. N-Media observed the potential customers and their requirements with an online transport management system and compiled it into this ultimate software, Roaddy, which is easy to use, has an incredible UI, and comply with all of the requirements that customers and service providers would want in a transport management system.

Following are all the capabilities of this software!

Vehicles Page


This is how this page looks like.

This module helps transporters to register all of the vehicles that are being used in that particular routes. It includes the Registration numbers, Driver’s name, Contact number, and company name. This page can be maintained according to necessary requirements. Customers can see all the details of the vehicles, the data of which is entered here.



The routes module is used to define the start-to-end locations for the journey of that transporter company. Admin can add unlimited Routes with source to destination information. Now, customers can see the departure and arrival location, and distance of travel. Routes can be set in-active temporarily rather than deleted if they are not being used.



Once the Routes are created, nowhere is the Schedule module to create an unlimited Route Schedule. Each schedule has a specific timing and vehicle attached. Roaddy, software is designed to perform these linkings. This page will have a lot of significance to the customers considering the information it has. Now, let’s see the main module, the Bookings against Schedule.

Booking Details Page

booking detail

As mentioned before, Booking is the main module for the transporters. They can open bookings against schedule in a few clicks. Let’s say if a transporter wants to open certain days of months against one schedule but for another schedule, he wants to open Bookings for every day, so has the controls available in the software. 

Bookings module has the following main three controls available against each booking:



Transporter has the option to book a ticket on behalf of the customer using this option.

Booking Chart

booking chart

This screen shows all booked seats with color discrimination. It will also show which seats are booked and which are not yet booked. Admin can print this page to share with the driver or others.

Booking Requests

ticket request

This page shows all booking requests in a table. A clear view of all the requests helps the admin to see all clients’ names and the total number of seats they requested. Then, the admin can assign the seat numbers with a simple UI.


Reports are a major part of any system, so Roaddy does include this module. Following informations can be exported in PDF, or printed:

  1. Vehicles
  2. Routes
  3. Routes Schedule
  4. Bookings
  5. Booking Requests
  6. Booking Chart 

Profile & General Setting

Each transporter has an option to update his profile like name, email etc. And he also has the options to manage the home page’s content and messages that are printed on each ticket.

Public Ticket Booking

We have built an app for this. A very simple interface allows users to quickly select source and destination to pull all the transporters providing services with their schedule. User selects one of the schedules and requests a ticket. Following is the video showing this process.

These are all the features that will help you provide the best service to your customer. Also, this is web-based software, no need to install it on a computer. We have made this a lot easier and convenient for people to book their transport. Utilize all these features to form the perfect online transport management system.

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