GooMail is simply the best solution to send newsletters to user subscribers using Google cloud services like Docs, Sheets to send emails and automate your campaigns. A super simple solution is to create unlimited email templates using Google Docs and start sending these campaigns to a list of members exported in Google Sheets. No Email server, software or web hosting is required. All you need to do is have a Gmail account.

Get Rid of MailChimp & SendGrid

Being a smart business owner or as a startup, I don’t want to spend money on MailChimp or SendGrid each month. Most importantly, why would I share my client’s information with them (Yes, agree we already shared much of our data with Google so better to keep it from being hijacked by one). Third, automate the newsletters so that once a user is in my Google sheet he will be getting emails over a period of interval with different offers unless he unsubscribes from my newsletter. If we don’t use SAAS-based services then another option is to set up and install my own email marketing solution like Sendy etc. But it requires technical knowledge and maintenance and everything.

GooMail is the PainKiller

We started to work on the above issues in-depth and tested many alternatives and solutions but nothing gives us full relief from it for the last two years. Finally, we got an excellent solution when we released our Google Sync Plugin (WooCommerce plugin to manage WooCommerce stores with Google Sheets) with the power of Google Action Scripting. And that’s exactly what we were looking for in email marketing, with ready-to-use cloud services and connecting it with Action Script to send newsletters to my subscribers and we called it GooMail.

The following diagram will explain how we use Google services and Action Script (JS base language).

GooMail - Email Marketing Solution

How does GooMail work?

Like I said all you need is to have is a Gmail account to get it started, we have created a bootstrap template in Google Sheet. You just need to clone your own template here. Now you open it and stay with me.

To clone, just click File → and Make a copy menu. 

You should see three sheets inside this Google Sheet document

Schedule – here we will define the template name, source, and interval when to launch and what to send.


Members – Yes, it will contain a list of all your subscribers. Don’t worry about the extra columns in this sheet, you need to fill only 4 fields. Name, Email, LastTemplate, and LastDate. We will see this in a bit.


EmailSent, is just for reporting purposes like showing all newsletter sent with date, template, and also show email open count.


Now let’s watch the next part in the video, as it will be much easier to understand how quickly we can schedule our newsletters and set Google Docs as content to be sent to our members as newsletters.

After setting it up with GooMail, you must have a feeling like ‘Everything is under my control’. And please let me know if you have your feedback so I can make it publish officially. And keep adding more features in this beast.


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