Under 1 minute for store inventory management of your WooCommerce site

store inventory management

Under 1 minute for store inventory management of your WooCommerce site

Here is a really easy way to do online store inventory management by doing product page editing using your phone. It is a bit hard to believe but in reality, this is now possible. Google Sheets is one of the most accessible tools out there for making lists and presenting lists in an understandable way with all the necessary details. For your WooCommerce editing, now you can make the changes on your Google Sheets that are linked to your online store. It’ll have the required features in the form of a separate column. You can make changes in the respective columns in front of the product you would want to make changes in. Unique, aint it!!

The problem with store inventory management

store inventory management

WooCommerce as a site is an easy to use yet time consuming structure. Page to page navigation does take the most of the time. If these intermediate steps are removed, the time for making changes, editing or creating of product attributes or product pages can be made very easily. Previously, if a change was required, you needed to go to the dashboard, then the required product, make the change, save or update it, go back and check if the change has been made. What if you had to do this for bulk products, let’s say hundreds or even more. It becomes a very time consuming task.

Google Sync: The only bulk store inventory management that you will need

store inventory management

Google Sync is a plugin. It is a plugin that incorporates Google Sync in it. We did mention we made bulk editing possible. In Google Sheets, as we know, we can create a list. The whole data becomes much more accessible and understandable. Google Sync, once installed, will import all of your plugins from your WooCommerce store. The columns will be existing there. Columns like: categories, price, inventory etc. you can make the changes in the sheets, click sync and the changes will be made in your site. We have made store inventory management a much easier task, now! 

Google sync got way more to offer

store inventory management

Google Sync essentially allows you to do all the editing using Google Sheets, the one that is linked to Google Sync. Doesn’t matter if it’s the categories that you want to change or the prices that require updates. Wanna put discounts, not a problem. Maybe you’d like some of your products to be categorized in more than one field, you can do that. Want to change images? No, I’m serious. You can change images right from your sheets. How? By uploading URL’s of images.

With all of these features, how expensive is it?

Store inventory management is now a very convenient task to do. Google Sync is the most convenient form of tool that you can use for this purpose. This plugin is not a subscription or an expensive tool. It is a one time payment of only 50$. N-Media offers a money back guarantee and also there is a team always at your disposal if you face any issue while using the product. It’s a win-win for you either way.

Upgrade your WooCommerce store

store inventory management

Now that you will have time for other stuff, you can think of upgrading your business. Maybe you can add a few new products or even might try expanding to other places. It is all up to you. Store inventory management was a problem, we helped you figure it out. Google Sync is the solution.

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