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If you have an online store, then you must have been through the difficulty of uploading your products on your Woocommerce, one by one. It really is time consuming and frustrating. And if you have to change a bit in your product, then you will have to download it all again and make changes and then upload it again. You do have to keep up with the market, so you do have to keep on making changes accordingly too. Multiple products for sale on a Woocommerce store make it really hard for the seller to do all of this again and again because it  is a hectic, time consuming task. The Google sync plugin can be used if you want to make this whole process faster, efficient and easier as well. You can develop your own cloud based environment , with faster uploading and downloading with much less work to do by syncing it to google sheets. This is a complete guide that you can use to learn the google sync plugin.

Step 1: Downloading

The Google sync plugin can be downloaded free form the WordPress repository.

  After that just install that.

Step 2: Credentials

Once you have installed the Google Sync plugin, you can see a tab of it in the settings of WordPress.


Next fill in the credentials. These are of two types, one is the Google credentials, and the other one is the Woocommerce API credentials. And you have to fill both of them. To fill in the credentials you need to go to this weblink: console.developers.google.com, and click on the<mark> Quickstart tab </mark>that is on top of the page.


Name your project just like we did here and then click ‘create project’, which is going to take some time.


After that, click: ‘ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES’


Then search for, ‘sheet’


You will find this plugin and click that and then click


After it is done, click ‘Credentials’ from the left menu bar of the screen, and then click ‘CONFIGURE CONSENT SCREEN’


The OAth consent form page will open in front of you. Click ‘external’ and then click create.


Name your application, and remember this application is not that type which requires approval. After that, fill in your domain name and some other necessary information and then click ‘ Save’.


Go to credentials again and click ‘Create credentials’ and you will be shown some options, ‘Choose OAth client ID’


Choose the application type as ‘web application’. Give it a name of your choice. Give the details of the URL which will be the name of your domain. For the Redirect URL, copy the link from your website’s Woocommerce section. Then click ‘save’.


 Your OAth client ID is created. You have to download it in your system.


Once your file is downloaded, open that file and copy the link that you see there.


Paste that link in the google credentials bar.


That is it for your Google Credentials.

For the Woocommerce API credentials, you need to open the advanced tab.


Go to the ‘Rest API’


Then click on ‘Add key’


The process of this is pretty similar. You can make one and then put the keys in ‘Woocommerce secret key and Woocommerce Consumer key’. Then just save the changes you made.

    Once the changes have been saved, We have to connect that. For this, click ‘Authorize Google Account’ and then click ‘Allow’.

Now, you can see that you have the option to sync data of the products and the categories.

Step3: Copying the google sheet template

I have created a demo sheet to make you understand the whole process. The link is also placed in the Woocommerce’s credentials where we also included our links to APIs.


Click ‘File’ from the top row and choose ‘make a copy’ from there. Name your copy whatever you want to and click ‘ok’.


COPY the link of the copy you created. You only need to copy that portion which is highlighted in the image below.


Paste that link in the credentials settings.


The sheet is now connected to your store.

In the sheet, we have a ‘Sync’ column. If there is 1 in that column, that means this row is added to your store. If there is a 0, then no row is there.


Then click, ‘sync Data’ on the credentials page and you see that two rows are updated.

Step4: Editing your sheet

You can name your product in your sheet and since it is synced, it will automatically be updated to your website as well. You also need to edit categories and images.

For categories, go into the category section of sheet from the bottom of the page. There, you will find the category Id which you will write in the category section.


For Images, go to the Media section and click Library. There you will see all of the photos that you added. Click that photo you want to add, and read the ID (highlighted in image) of the image and write it in your sheet, in the particular column.


You can also include some other data such as prices and description.

When you are done with your settings, go to the Woocommerce settings and choose products. Then click sync data. All of the things that you included in your sheet will be updated on your store.


Anything, you change in your store or sheet and you click update, it will automatically change in the other place.

It is the power of Woocommerce Google Sync Plugin.

  That’s all.I hope this was helpful for you.Bye!

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