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Add Variations Quantity Field in Woocommerce

We got many request to have an option to set Add Quantity Fields to Variations in Woocommerce. Although we have PPOM plugin which allow users to add 14 types of input with awesome file upload (image upload) support. So now we just added a new Field in our latest version 6.3 called: Variation Quantity

This Variation Quantity Fields works in two ways:

When Price Set for Variations

Variation Quantity with price Product Page
Variation Quantity in cart with price Cart Page

Now if we have products with different price for each size (variation) we can set it too. In this case total of this sizes will be added on top of Product price. Screenshot left will give you clear understanding of this example.

In cart?

In cart total price will be considered after adding options/variations prices into product and quantity will NOT be increased in this case.

NO Price Set for Variations

showing-variation-with-quantity-with-no-price Product Page
cart-with-no-option-price Cart Page

We have example where we want to allow users to add quantities for different sizes of a T-Shirt. And these all Sizes has same price as set Product Price. So when user set quantities against each it increases the default quantity for all sizes quantities. For more clear understanding please see screenshot on left side.

In Cart?

Cart will contain information about sizes selected and set quantity. Price will also set as product base price which is default behavior of woocommerce when add product into  cart with quantity. See screenshot left.

Min & Max. You can also set Min and Max quantities for each variation.

How Add Variations with PPOM - Quantity with Prices

WooCommerce Personalized Product Option

WooCommerce Personalized Product Option Plugin can add 14 types of input fields on product page. Client personalized these product like choose a color for T-Shirt, add text on Mug, upload design for Visiting Cards etc before checkout. The best part of this plugin is image/file upload control with cropping options.