Allow vendors to sell digital stuff with N-Media File Uploader and WordPress eCommerce Plugin

Well, being very busy with wp themes,plugin development and customizations. File uploader plugin is being loved by users/developers due its awsome features and control for admin.

This post is related to a special customization I made in File Uploader plugin last week requested by Mr Simon Copleston for his site This site allow members/vendors to sell their digital stuff like eBook, Games and Art Cover. For shopping cart they used WordPress eCommerce Plugin, which is good choice actually to for eCommerce. It already allow to sell digital stuff but only Admin control this.

[quote author=”Simon Copleston,”]Nmedia File Uploader for WPEC is a solution for empowering digital content producers to sell their products through your online store. Flexible, powerful and fully WPEC integrated. Nmedia’s plugin is a game changer for the way products are uploaded and managed. 5 out of 5.[/quote]
As booknooq had requirement to allow members/vendor to directly upload their digital stuff, then N-Media File uploader plugin comes in action and we integrated our Plugin with WPEC. Now this plugin (or you can say an add on for WPEC) has many controls for admin to control front-end design and many other options like below:

NajeebMedia File Uploader Plugin ‹ booknooq — WordPress
N-Media File uploader plugin option with WPEC

Front-end is divided into four easy steps as per needed by Once the file is uploaded it is listed under Products with all options in WPEC so can it can be managed by Admin.

What about payment to vendors? yes for this there is already an add-on called WPEC Many Vendors, this plugin split the payments based on comissions rate set by admin. So just download and install it, N-Media File Uploader plugin will attach this Many Vendor plugin with Vendor ID. Following are screenshots describing the front-end of plugin.


I summary, this add-on allow members to sell digital goods in wordpress site

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