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Best Hosting for WordPress

VPS is best choice to setup your WordPress based site on DigitalOcean

This article will help you understand what is difference between shared hosting and VPS based hosting. At the end we will provide some useful links to setup VPS on DigitalOcean. N-Media also willing to setup Managed VPS based hosting for new and existing sites hosted on shared servers.

Why Not Shared Hosting?

Do you want to share your room with anonymous person who is occupying your space. And all of your books, clothes and gadgets are thrown out? Can anyone accept this? Absolutely not, and it’s exactly happening websites today on Shared Hosting. We even don’t know what resources are allocated for our site and other giant website may eating up your bandwidth and resulting slow response time for our site users. Usually hosting servers are heavy physical machines used by Hosting companies. When these are shared with hundreds of other peoples then the performance graph declined to x-axes. This is not you are suppose to pay for Shared Hosting.

Another disadvantage in Shared Hosting, you don’t have full control over server. Although these servers configured to meet standard requirements. But today things are changing too fast and we have to synchronize with these. So we can’t rely on Shared Hosting Support and keep waiting even for increase file size limit in php.ini file from 2MB to 8MB.

Best Alternative for Shared Hosting is VPS Based Hosting

Cloud computing has changed our lifestyle. We don’t hold files, usbs anymore but still can access all of our documents and data via GoogleDrive, SkyDrive, Dropbox etc. VPS is Virtual Private Server on Cloud. Even it’s also shared server but all resources all allocated as per our demand/need and these resources cannot be shared with others. For websites VPS are best solution over Dedicated Servers. We all need for speed. VPS based sites 80% faster than Shared Hosting based site,  guaranteed. A table is provided at the end of this article showing a general comparison between shared hosting and VPS. 

VPS Cost?

Suppliers like DigitalOcean offer really great VPS hosting for as little as $10.00 a month. And you get 1GB Ram. 1 Core Processor, SSD 30GB storage & 2TB transfer rate. DigitalOcean is the only Cloud providing SSD based storage which increased website loading speed upto 80% faster.

Maintenance Required?

Yes, VPS just loaded with required OS like Ubuntu, Centos, Linux etc. All other applications/software can be installed using Root Access. To configure VPS as web hosting server one must have strong understanding with  Server Administration.

How configure VPS for Web Hosting?

N-Media Team is willing to help you to configure your VPS.

N-Media will setup a managed VPS hosting for WordPress in affordable Price. Just create your own account on DigitalOcean with our recommendations in just 55 seconds and provide us control of your VPS. We will:

  1. Configure VPS for Web Server by installing
    1. Apache
    2. PHP
    3. MySQL
    4. Email
    5. FTP
  2. Install Vesta Panel
  3. Shift your existing site to this VPS
  4. Finally, you will get your site up and running 80% more faster than before.
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