2Checkout Integration Guide

WooCommerce 2Checkout Payment Gateway Setup Guide

Getting Account/Seller ID, Keys

Log into your 2Checkout Account and you Click on Integration Menu from left menu. On this page you will see following Options

  • Merchant Code (Seller ID)

INS Settings

    • Under same page on Integrations scroll down to Instant Notification System (INS) section and set as following
    • Enable INS
    • Enable Global INS and Set URL as Following:
      • http://YOURSITE.com/?wc-api=WC_Gateway_NM_TwoCheckout

Redirect URL

    • Under the same page on Integrations scroll down to Redirect URL section and set as following
    • Approve URL (replace yoursite.com with your own site name)
      • http://yoursite.com/?wc-api=WC_Gateway_NM_TwoCheckout
    • For version 6+ use the following:
      • https://YOUR_SITE/wc-api/twoco_return/
2checkout redirect url