WooCommerce and N-File Uploader – Upload Image during checkout


This plugin is replaced with N-Media WooCommerce Personalized Product Options Manager, click here

If you need to place input fields or file upload during checkout, We have another plugin for this N-Media WooCommerce Personalized Checkout Options Manager


After Barclays Payment Gateway Integration with Marketpress Plugin I received following request:

[quote]Allow Buyer to upload images during checkout  and get these images as part of order when WooCommerce is being used as E-commerce plugin.[/quote]

N-Media used it’s great File Uploader plugin and made changes in this to accomplish above task. WooCommerce has great peice of documentations which help me to find right area to inject my scripting. And as a result an awesome script is bring generated with the help of WooCommerce and N-Media File Uploader plugins.

So if you are looking a solution that Buyers can upload images as a part of product during checkout and once it is completed site owner can see the thumbs, then you are on right page.

 [big_button link=”https://www.2checkout.com/checkout/purchase?sid=1686663&quantity=1&product_id=13″ tooltip=”Pay via CreditCards or Paypal”]Buy (Secure Payment): $45.00[/big_button]

See below some screenshots:

 [quote author=”Inoue, sassycreation.com”]I have been looking for someone to add an image uploader to my product page. I am using WordPress with Woocommerce for my site. Even if it is a popular system like WordPress, it is still difficult for many people to manage. I contacted many places and people, but no one has returned good answers to me except one with a very high price. I have almost given up adding new products to my site. Luckily I found Najeeb and contacted him with a little hope. He replied to me quickly and understood what I needed right away. He made it sound very easy to do. He completed the job in one day! It looks great and functional and the price was affordable. I was astonished and very happy and appreciative of his knowledge and skills. I would definitely use his service again.[/quote]

Image uploader during checkout



add image checkout front end product

add image checkout orders

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