How to edit Thousands of Woocommerce products and their categories using just your phone

woocommerce bulk edit

 Woocommerce Bulk Edit With Google Sync

 Woocommerce Bulk Edit With Google Sync

I have a friend.His name is Jen and he owns a pretty successful WooCommerce store. Selling a little over hundred products and shipping them across a few countries, he was doing pretty great.

          He started to grow tense and unhappy. I realised frustration was the cause of his unhappiness. I tried asking him and he opened up. Products, their attributes, and categories management and editing; that was the problem.

More Time consumption and inconvenience: the problem with WooCommerce

Editing bulk products is the problem that every seller faces. Managing products, especially when they were in such a high number took Jen’s most of the time. The interface is not interesting, he wants to grow another business but he can’t.

The only reason was the time that it consumed. If he had any time left, it was utilised in dealing with the suppliers and managing the stock. He needed a solution. When you really want to start something passionately and you can’t just because of a boring, time consuming task, you know what you transform into? 

A frustrated, unhappy and uncreative person. We came up with the solution.

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The problem’s focused solution is here…


We have created a plugin that helps management and editing of your products and all their attributes, and even categories in a very efficient and easy way. The UI is interesting, it works smoothly, is compatible and it makes things easier for you.

I mean

it uses Google sheets, how hard can that be. It has an auto syncing feature, so whatever and wherever you make any change, it automatically updates on your online store.

This is Google Sync. It makes management and editing of your products easier. You can even use your phone for that. That is how compatible it is.

Google Sync: Your ultimate product and categories editor that saves loads of time, and you can use it on your phone

My friend Jen started using it. Now, he can do all the product changes, attributes alterations, and categories management in much less time. We have removed the task of signing into your dashboard and managing and editing each product individually.

All he does now is to make the required changes anywhere, anytime with Google sheets. They are automatically updated onto his site and changes are made, efficiently and easily. If he is travelling, he just logs in from his phone and does the same thing on the sheets. Just from his handset, I mean could you have imagined that.

Not only that, communication with his suppliers and warehouse has also improved. Any changes in stocks are constantly being updated on sheets. He can check it from his phone. Also, these are constantly being updated on site as well. All the intermediate steps are now finished. 

Don’t worry, this is a safe and very efficient WooCommerce management software!

Connecting and disconnecting is not at all a problem. You can add or remove specific people pretty easily, anywhere, anytime. Keeping in mind the use of this software, we have included all the features that will keep your stuff safe and your privacy intact. You don’t need to worry at all.

And you know, Jen is going to launch his other business next week. He is going to sell skateboards. Honestly, I didn’t see it coming but still, Good Luck!

You can get yours from the link below and you know what, since we are just about to launch it or probably it is already launched by the time you see it, we have a special discount waiting for you.

Check it out now, because I know some of you also want to embark on a new business journey. 

We will have a starter template available for you so that it is easy for you to start. Actually, this software is a piece of cake, it won’t bother you at all. Check it out now and buy it to get the maximum of discounts!

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