WooCommerce Bulk Price with PPOM Price Matrix

PPOM Price Matrix

WooCommerce PPOM Price Matrix handle Bulk Price for Products in your store. In this tutorial we will what is Price Matrix and how to use it as WooCommerce Bulk Price.

Online market getting bigger and bigger every day and it demanding more control over every part of your online store. Product price is key factor of every store. Not all the business has simple price structures like selling a ‘Mug’ for a fixed price say $25.00/each. Business like printing companies or companies offering whole prices for bulk orders need complex price to offer a discount on large quantities. Here we have PPOM Price Matrix input which handles this very easily.

Using Price Matrix as WooCommerce Bulk Price

It’s really to use PPOM Price Matrix and set Bulk Prices. Let’s assume you have following bulk prices structure for bulk order:

  • Quantity from 1 to 10 will cost $50.00 each unit
  • Quantity from 11 to 20 will cost $45.00 each unit
  • Quantity from 20 to 50 will cost $35.00 each unit

Now we will configure our PPOM Price Matrix for above Bulk Price with following step by step guide:

  1. Select Price Matrix Input
  2. Set Quantity Range
  3. Set Price per Item against each Range
  4. Set Label
  5. Set ID (for system)

Following screenshot showing all above settings:

woocommerce bulk price
woocommerce bulk price


Front-end PPOM Price Matrix

Now all set in admin, let’s see how it looks like on front-end.

ppom price matrix frontend

Above screenshot showing that if quantity selected is 19, it will pick related matrix price which is $45.00 and both multiplied to get the actual price.

PPOM Price as Discount

There is another cool feature to use PPOM Price Matrix as Discount. When discount is enabled it deduct the Matrix price from product based price. For more understaindng please see screenshow below:

ppom price matrix frontend discountMore Options

  • Disable quantity slider
  • Set Quantity Steps

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