Controlling Bulk Prices with WooCommerce Bulk Quantity PPOM Add-on

Bulk Quantity – PPOM DEMO 1
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Bulk Quantity Frontent
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Bulk Quantity – PPOM DEMO 1

N-Media PPOM plugin is simply the best feature add-on to customize product page for your WooCommerce store with more than 20 extra fields. We will see why need WooCommerce Bulk Quantity Add-on in this article below even PPOM Pro pack has following two special inputs to handle prices like:

Price Matrix: It allows the client to get the discount price on bulk order

Variation Quantities: It’s really useful when each option of your product need a different quantity or/and price

What is PPOM Bulk Quantity Add-on?

Let’s consider a scenario, you are selling T-Shirts of different sizes. And each size has different prices on top of the base price. Until this point, again our PPOM plugin is enough :).

Now we need to offer discount prices for each variation like described below:

Different Prices for Sizes


  1. Quantity 1 — 10 = 20
  2. Quantity 11 — 20 = 15
  3. Quantity 21 — 50 = 10


  1. Quantity 1 — 10 = 30
  2. Quantity 11 — 20 = 25
  3. Quantity 21 — 50 = 20


  1. Quantity 1 — 10 = 40
  2. Quantity 11 — 20 = 30
  3. Quantity 21 — 50 = 25

As you can see, you must have to set up a price matrix or table for each variation to give a discount price to your clients if he purchases in Bulk Quantity. For this, N-Media has developed an Add-on: WooCommerce Bulk Quantity for options to handle these complex prices calculations very easily.

How to use WooCommerce Bulk Quantity?

Make sure you already installed PPOM PRO Plugin. And get this Add-on: Bulk Quantity for Options and install as regular plugins. Do following steps after installation:

  1. Drag ‘Bulk Quantity’ input from Left panel to Meta Panel
  2. Set Quantity Range, Options and Price as described in below
Bulk Quantity Backend
Bulk Quantity Cart
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Please Remember!

  • WooCommerce Bulk Quantity does not work with PPOM Price Matrix and PPOM Variation Quantities Inputs.
  • Only one Bulk Quantity instance can be used against one Product.

Version 1.4 Released – January 16, 2019

  • Bug Fixed: Compatible with PPOM Latest version

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