WooCommerce Customization: Button Labels

WooCommerce Customization

WooCommerce Customization

You can name whatever you want, I mean personalize the bars that are present in your WooCommerce website, by using the WooHero plugin.

WooHero is a really efficient and an easy to use plugin that can help you to create an effective custom site for generating potential sales.

1.Add to Cart

In your internet shop, you have all your products displayed so that the customer sees it and chooses from it. Just below each product, there is a button that if the customer clicks, will add that product into his ‘unconfirmed’ shopped items list. We normally refer to it as ‘add to cart’ but in the example it is, ‘add to basket’.


You can customize it, the way you want, just like here it was ‘add to basket’ rather than the typical words. All that you have to do is type in whatever you want to be replaced from the default words and click save changes down below and it will be changed.

This might give you a unique look that your customer might admire deeply!;

2.Single Product Add to Cart

Just like the Add to Cart button on the products page, there is an add to cart button in the single product page, where only details and pricing of a single product are shown after the customer clicks on that product. You can customize this also with a unique text or statement.

3.Veiw Products

By using this feature, you can edit the default button labels for Grouped products in shop. Grouped products, as you might know, create incentives for customers to buy more products as they are selected or bundled by a certain theme or season. So, this feature does have the potential to positively affect your sales.

4.Select Options

This feature is directly linked with the variable products in the shop. You can edit the button label there too, so that the customer clicks it and chooses from the variations available.

5.Buy Products

External products are available on some of your sites. Button labels for this can be edited too. This can help you to increase your external sales too.

6.Single Product out of stock

When all the stock is sold, then there is an active ‘out of stock’ option that is displayed on the products page. You can add your own text there for this button label.

7.Order button text

On the checkout page, there is a button which if clicked will confirm the order of your customer. You can edit it your way too. Hopefully, it will be very helpful for your site.

How to?

Let’s suppose, I want to personalize my ‘Add to Cart’ bar to ‘Add to Basket’. So, I would type in ‘Add to basket’, and it will implement and paste these exact words in their particular places on the website.


After getting it all to your choice, click ‘Save changes’ at the end of the page. And, it will change just like it did here.


That is pretty much how you can use it to customize your button labels. There are a lot more features of the WooHero plugin. This will be really helpful to convert your site into the perfect Web-store.

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