WooCommerce Customization: Product Page

WooHero Product page

WooCommerce Customization: Product Page

In your online store, you would really want your website to look unique, that makes the customer remember only your online store when he thinks of buying anything online. You would certainly want to give your customer the best customer service experience, which in the web-store is all about ease of buying. Ease of buying is nevertheless, linked to all those terms that come up when your customer is in the procedure of confirming his order. So, you do need to change them because of all the above reasons. This is what this tutorial\article is all about!

We are going to use the WooHero plugin for editing our WooCommerce website. It is efficient, easy, and advanced with all of its features, enabling you to edit every text (specifically) of your site. You can get it by using this link: najeebmedia.com/WooHero

Let’s discuss the main features that you can change to your standards, regarding the product page using the WooHero plugin.

1.Private Product

If you enable this feature, then that particular product that you chose will be hidden from the visitors on your website. Only authorized persons, who can log in will only see this product’s full details. What it will do is that it will hide all the contents and the ‘Add to Cart’ button, only showing the login form on the screen.

2.Before & After Add to Cart button

On a single product page, you can add some custom texts before and after the add to cart button which will show its contents just above and below the button. You can use that space to add some more details which the customer can consider before he confirms his product.

3.Grouped Products List before Price

You can add the content of your choice just above the Price button of the grouped buttons. Really, a good place for you if you want your customer to know if you are offering any discount there. 

4. After Add to Cart form

This will enable you to add your favorite text, just under the add to cart form that appears on the product page.

5.Product Meta Start & End

This feature will enable you to add text on top and to the bottom of the Product Meta page that is on the product page. This can be used to add some more details or informations with the ‘Meta’ aspect of the product being displayed.

6.After Featured Image

This will let you add text under the image of the product that is being displayed on the page. It can be utilized to assure the customer of the authenticity of your product that the image displays.

7.Add to Cart Message

This will enable you to add some text alongside the Add to Cart button. You can use this to tell your customer to check his cart products or if his product will be\is added to the Cart page.

8.Related Products

With this feature, you can choose Whether you want the related products to be displayed on the product page or not. Other than that. You can also select the number of products that you want to be displayed, and also the number of columns you want to be displayed.Will help you a lot in creating an impression regarding your website’s product page. Will also increase ‘the look’ of your product being displayed.

All that you need to do is just fill in the given space with the content you want to get replaced from the older one, and then just save your settings and it’s done. All the changes will be replaced on your website. 

This is pretty much a detailed overview of editing your WooCommerce’s Product page. Hopefully, it was helpful!

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