WooCommerce Customization: Cart Page and Change any Text


WooCommerce Customization: Cart Page and Change any Text

If you are selling online, you do need to get up to the minutiae improvements to make it a perfect store, making maximum sales possible. Cart pages therefore, are necessary to be set in a way that appreciates the customers in a way that he feels bound to buy. So, we are going to learn how to customize Woocommerce store’s Cart Page, all according to your requirement.

 We will be using WooHero plugin created by Nmedia for editing. You can customize your cart page, product page, layout, thanks email, library and all the other stuff. This plugin has all those editing features that you would require to get your online store in the best form possible. 

How To Edit Your Cart Page

We will see one by one, the main features of this product.

Remove Button Labels

This feature will enable you to change the text of the buttons that are available in your cart page. You can just enter the text and Html, and it will replace the previous text after you save changes.

Before Cart Table

In the cart page, there is a cart table where the chosen products of the customer are shown. Just above that table, text for Before Cart Table is shown. This text could be anything. Whether, you want to encourage the customer to check out more of the products, or you want to thank him for choosing, it is where you can deliver your message. Put the text of your choice in the space provided and click ‘save changes’ afterwards, it will be on that location of your web-store. 

Before Cart Contents

In the cart table, are the cart contents. These are specifically the products that the customers have chosen to buy. You can add text there or any emoji if you want, I mean that is a suggestion. It is all up to you, however, the way you feel it best for your store. Just enter the text in the space there and save the change you made. It will be there, exact on its location.

After Products

Just under the products listed on the Cart page, you have the choice to add text there. It can be an appreciation statement or anything about your product. For example: you can write there ‘Good Choice’ or ‘Unique Item’. It’s all your choice. Just think of something and add it in the space provided and then save it. It will be there.

After Cart Contents

This feature will show the text of your choice under the ‘Proceed To Checkout’ button, which is just below the cart table. In my view, it’s best to add a thanking phrase here. Enter whatever you want in the space provided and just click ‘Save changes’ and that is all you need to do.

After Cart Table

You can also include content just under the cart table just like you did above the table in Before Cart Table. Think of something good that really fits in with the perspective of your clients in mind and it will then add it to your Cart Page.

At Bottom Of Page

You can add some good text about you or about your products or your achievements or your customers, that is what that space is for. WooHero gives you full opportunity to utilise that space to get some benefit out of it too. Write something in the space provided and Save it. It’ll be there for you and for your customers.

After Proceed to Checkout

You can customize the space available after the checkout button too. It works the way all the others do. Get to utilise it by adding some text and saving it. That definitely will help you in your business.

After Coupon Button

There is a tab where you can add text to display it after the Cart Button. Get to use it by thinking of a good phrase to be displayed there.

Before Cart Totals

You can put your favorite text here and it will replace it with the location of before cart total.

After Cart Totals

Just like before cart totals in your Cart page, you can customize your After Cart Totals as well in a similar way.

When Cart Empty

As the heading shows, when nothing is in the cart, you can edit it as well by adding an interesting phrase according to your choice. That might feel interesting to your client or visitor.

Before mini cart

It is that sidebar that shows the latest products added, you being a WooCommerce seller must be familiar about. This feature will enable you to add text in that location.

Widget Cart before Button

With this feature, you can add text or any written content to your widget cart button which displays the products added to the cart. CAn definitely help you, do check this out!

After Mini Cart

Same as before mini cart feature. Include words that really make an impression! 

Cart totals before shipping

In this area, you can customize the region that appears before shipping button in the cart page.

Cart totals after shipping

Just like before cart totals, create exactly your way the region of after cart totals shipping.

Cart totals after shipping

So, here you can replace the place of Before and after order total, all according to your will.

Before, and After Shipping Calculator

Take your website to perfection by getting it all to your choice just like all of the stuff before. Add your favorite text that makes an impact on your client.

Remove Cart Items

If you enable this option, it will show a button on your cart page which will help the customer to remove products from his cart.

How to?

As an example, I have added one of the places called ‘Before cart table’, where I included:’Please check more our products, and I missed ‘of’ I don’t know why.


Remember, add these areas with your Html.

And it included that line on my page like this;


Have your cart page sorted out, maintained and organized in an amazing way that discriminates against all the other sellers out there in the market. Have it assembled in a way, put the best of your creativity and make it something unique and admiring.  

2.11:Change any text

This is the magical feature of this plugin. With this, you can change any text of your website. Let’s see how to do it!

First copy the text that you want to change.I have underlined the text that I chose to change as an example.


Paste that in the Change any text section. Just after that copied text, type the ‘pipe’ sign. Then add the text of your choice. And then, save your changes.


See, the magic happened!


By using these two features of the WooHero plugin, you can customize your cart and text anywhere on the website. Other than that, this plugin offers a lot more than just this. Hope so that this was helpful for you!

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