WooCommerce Extra Fields Apply on Product Categories

WooCommerce Personalized Product Plugin Version 6.4 Released

Now Meta can be applied on Product Categories

This feature was requested many time by clients to apply meta on different categories rather then Single/Bulk Products. Now this can be done. Even you can attach meta/fields with All categories.

Version 6.4 Features/Bug List

  • Feature: Now Meta can be Apply on Product Categories within Meta Settings
  • Feature: jQuery depracated ‘live’ function is replaced with ‘on’
  • Feature: Conditional logic now can be applied with Checkbox input
  • Bug fixed: When same options were added in Select & Radio inputs with fixed they were overwritten, now it’s fixed
  • Bug fixed: Spaces added in Checkbox & Radio input after and before labels
  • Bug fixed: Radio input options will not show (+0) if price is not set
WooCommerce Extra Fields

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