WooCommerce Google Sheet Products Import

WooCommerce Google Sync – Sync Your Stores in Few Seconds

We have here N-Media’s latest plugin, the WooCommerce Google Sync, a problem solver you have been looking for.

Getting your product to upload on the WooCommerce store is already difficult and time consuming, and if you have to upload the little bit changed version over and over again, it becomes a hell of a task. And things become nothing but worse if you have to do that same thing on multiple shops.

To solve this problem, N-Media is introducing the WooCommerce Google sync. It really is as simple as it looks. Import all your stuff on a single click, fill the Google sheet with the provided templates and job done! Quiet easy. Google Cloud is easily available Google service and on top of that, we have successfully connected Google Sheet with WooCommerce API which makes the import as fast as 10 seconds. Also, any changes made on store like update of products, it’ll push changes back to Google Sheets syncing both ends. There you are with the solution you have been looking for, with some extra features as well. Cool, isn’t it!

How does it work?

  1. Open your Google console and enable Google Sheet API.
  2. Create Google Project and generate credentials
  3. Provide your Keys and Sheet ID in plugin settings to connect with your Product Bank.
  4. Clone/copy Google Sheet Template into your account and fill it.
  5. Just click “Google Sheet Sync” Button

That’s all, easy and fast, all your products loaded onto your store.

How to sync?

With a button or a Cron-job, only.

Can categories also be synced?

Yes! Easily, I would say.

How can the Images be uploaded With WooCommerce Google Sync?

Images can be uploaded on the cloud/site with a publicly accessible URL, like on AWS S3 or your site.

I there any log to see sync operations?

Yes, Log page will be there to display the history of all your imports.

How to get this plugin(WooCommerce Google Sync) after it is released?

[CTA: Fill in this form and you will get update in email with discount coupon]

That’s how you’ll do it!

When WooCommerce Google Sync will be released?

By the mid of September, 2020. That’s when we plan to uncover THE BEAST.