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How much time are we spending communicating nowadays? We are well aware how important communication is. In the ecommerce industry, there are a lot of queries that you have to answer. Queries related to the delivery time, special requests, the quality, the quantity and even the price. On the contrary, there are a hundred questions for the suppliers, all of them to be replied to in as short of a time frame as possible. So, what we normally do as ecommerce sellers on wordpress or woocommerce is we type our answer in the message box. Some of our typing speeds have really improved in the process. But, the question still is: how much time are we spending communicating nowadays?

The mystery remains unsolved.

An EFFICIENT WooCommerce marketplace plugin can be the solution

WooCommerce Marketplace plugin

 All of us WooCommerce sellers are aware that we are spending a lot of time just typing the replies. In WooCommerce stores, there is a lot of other stuff that you can invest your time in. So we need to reduce this time frame. The solution is pretty simple and classic, something we are all very much aware of. If the messages are already written and all that you have to do is to select from the options available and click send. That will indeed be a lot of convenience.  

WooConvo: A WooCommerce marketplace plugin to enhance buyer-seller communication

With WooConvo, buyers can communicate with the sellers after the order is placed. A messaging portal is created in the checkout page, where the buyer is able to type in his query. An email notification is received by the seller, who then clicks on the link and opens the message received on his chat box. He is able to reply to the query while he is aware of the order details. This saves time and reduces inconvenience.

Quick message Add-on for WooConvo: 10X your communication

It might be a problem replying to hundreds of queries. With this addon, you will have your message reply templates already created. You are well aware of what are your most common queries. Sometimes, these could constitute 60-70% of the total. With creating the particular templates, you will be able to send the replies with just one click. Yes, you do have the option to edit your replies before sending it. With time, your process of replying will continue to improve. It’ll be faster and smoother than ever.

The cost for this convenience

WooConvo is a highly efficient and compatible plugin with most.It will work with all themes and will not impact your site’s performance in any way. WooConvo plugin costs $35. For this quick message Add-on: the price is $25. A total of $60, and a solution that will continue to impact your business. This comes with a 10 day money back guarantee and 24 hour customer support, which will be able to respond and resolve all of your queries.

The solution that you were looking for is here


The varied amount of time that each of us sellers spend in responding to queries can be reduced down to a great extent using WooConvo and its highly prolific Add-on Quick Message. The problem that was on the top of the list for many sellers is gone with a one time solution of Najeeb Media’s star product, WooConvo coupled with a great Add-on the Quick message. 10X your replies time and speed. Buy it now.

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