Save loads of time on WooCommerce online store inventory management

WooCommerce online store inventory management

WooCommerce online store inventory management

You are wasting too much time on something that is very unproductive. Having a large number of products in your online store will be causing you to go through each and every product page at least or maybe multiple times if you are to make the changes.That’s a lot of work. You must have felt stressed while doing this. And you would have tried to avoid it as much as you could. But eventually, you have to go through this very unproductive and time consuming task of all of these product management. What you need is a WooCommerce online inventory management plugin, that eases your stress and reduces the time spent in it.

You do the same thing again and again for different products. You become stressed and bored. You are more likely to make errors……. And you waste a lot of your quality and productive time.

Google Sync is your online store inventory manager

Page to page navigation is the major problem. You go to the product page, you make the change, you update that, and then you check if the change has been made. And after that, you go back to your dashboard, click on the next product and you make the changes there. That is the problem. 

What if you are able to make the changes as if it was a list. What if everything that you had to do was in a sheet and you just type and enter stuff there. What if I tell you that it actually is a sheet that will allow you to make all of the changes. Google Sync is your WooCommerce online store inventory management tool. It’ll take all the hustle out because all that you have to do is type and enter stuff in Google Sheets.

Update products, product attributes, images, categories and everything else

You can even update images from your Google Sheets, only if you use Google Sync plugin.

The structure of Google Sheets is very easy to understand. It’s just rows and columns and roles you assign to them. With this plugin, all of your WooCommerce store products will be listed in sheets. All the changes will be made in the respective columns next to the product. If you have to categorize a certain product, just write the category name in the respective column next to the product. If you want to add more than one category to the same product, you can do that too. If you want to change the name, the inventory, the prices, or even if you have to put up discounts,it’s all in your approach. For images, all that you have to do is paste the url in the respective column, and it’ll update. More than one image, no problems. Place the ‘pipe’ sign, add the URL of the next image, and both will appear in the order you pasted the URL’s in. Click the update button, once the changes are made, and your work is done.

google sync store inventory

What if I don’t get the required column I wanted to make changes in?

That is not the problem you should worry about. We will provide you with a starter guide. You will have the names of the columns that you have to write down in order for that certain feature to be updated. Just add a new column, write down the name on top of it and start making the changes. all the additional guidelines will be mentioned in the starter guide that we will provide you. 

Google Sheets can work on phones too. So, Google Sync can be updated from your phone also.

An ultimate WooCommerce online store management plugin

With Google Sync, your store product management is now very convenient, fast and effective. You can save a lot of your time and manage the rest of your business in a much more effective way. 

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