Finally! This ultimate woocommerce payment gateway reduces cart abandonment


Sense of pride occupies the mind of every Woocommerce seller as he goes through his online store’s analytics until he sees the wicked numbers of cart abandonment, shattering his self-esteem right at the spot. 

Not at all a good start of the day and definitely something to worry about!

Customer satisfaction is really the key. Online business world is still growing and losing a certain portion of your possible sales is like losing an array of prospects of attaining your dreams, or goals.

Peachpay understands and is determined to solve this problem of yours once and for all.

But let’s see the basis of this problem first.

So what exactly causes your prospect buyer to leave at the final step; to abandon their cart?

Frustration is the mere reason for leaving the cart full of products your customer chose from the store’s shelves.

Slow page loading, repeated accounts creations for purchases, not being able to see the prices in the currency they use and definitely not being able to pay from the payment service they use.

People expect things to be really easy and fast because that is the general concept that online shopping creates and that is also what all the major services have got them used to.

 So if things burden up through their shopping process and any of these really become the fault, like they had to calculate the price in their currency by themselves or they didn’t have the service from the available payment options, that could turn their desire off and what you are left with is an abandoned cart, not a confirmed order.

Customer experience has to be great, and to ensure that a smooth and competent checkout process is required.

Reducing cart abandonment

Just make the checkout easy. The page should load faster. Don’t make your customer create an account again and again for every purchase. Provide them with price in their currency and provide them with payment options they most likely would be using.

   With these things done, you will assist your customer through a hassle free exit from your online store and what you will have will be an order to be fulfilled in the promised time period.

This situation is pretty much similar to having a salesperson by your side throughout your store. That is pretty annoying. 

This is why it is necessary. This is what it requires changing.

But the question remains, how do you do it? Doing all of this with woocommerce and wordpress is hard and probably impossible. We are trying to make things easy but in turn it is becoming hard for us.

Peachpay is a very great solution for this, actually.

Peachpay: the best payment gateway for faster and smooth checkout

Peachpay is a compatible and competent software for your Woocommerce store. It has all the features that you would want to have for your customer’s ease.

The idea was specifically to reduce card abandonment and help those potential customers through a smooth and easy checkout. They are important and we can’t just keep losing a significant part of our sales or clients just because of a little inconvenience. 

This plugin was not only made for your customer’s assistance but also for your ease. It is easy to operate, and also easy to manage. It provides you with all the features you would want in the best possible way.

Here are some of the main features that Peachpay masters in:

No repeated account creations

Make things easier for your customer, that is what they say. So we are going to do it!

A customer would only need to enter his login details once and that’s it. Next time when he comes in to shop again, the checkout page will have everything already entered for him, or something like that. I mean he would not need to add all of those details again!

This problem would be solved once and for all. The thought of entering all the details again and again was the reason your customers were not willing to buy. 

And this thought will not cross their mind again.

One click checkout

With Peachpay, your customer details will already be saved on the site. We still could make things faster. We can allow One-click checkout. Peachpay says they are democratizing one click checkout. What is this thing actually?

A single click would take your customers directly to shipping address and file payment information. They would be able to bypass checkout completely. 

This is, however, only possible when your customers have their checkout information already saved. This plugin allows that. 

This happens to be their main feature. They are proud of it. I guess you should trust them.

And this is how cart abandonment will reduce significantly.

Convenient payment methods

Having a choice to pay with the payment system that a person uses is much convenient and easier. 

This facility actually convinces your buyer for purchase rather than demotivating him. 

Currently Peachpay fully supports stripe payments, which most of the people use. Very soon other payment options are going to get updated as well.

Show prices in multiple currencies

Going through price calculation won’t be a thing your customer’s would have to go through. Prices can be displayed in multiple currencies with Peachpay.

There are over a 100 options.

You can select the currencies that you think should be displayed in your store. This should be decided on the basis of your customer demands. That would be a lot more convenient for your shoppers.

One other reason for not buying is now removed from your potential buyers mind.

Customization options

Peachpay provides you with extensive options for customization to your liking and your site theme. You can change the colour, width, alignment and much more of the button that allows one-click checkout.

Not only that, you can ask them for a logo of your brand or a white label as well. They can get that for you.

You have full control on your online store’s look.

That button is there to help you, not to destroy the impression you created on your store’s visitor.  

Peachpay is compatible with many themes

Peachpay supports a number of themes and plugins/softwares  that are widely used by Woocommerce sellers such as PPOM, etc. It will work as if this was made for them but what if the theme or plugin that you are using does not work with Peachpay?

This is not an issue. You just need to get them notified and within no time, the peachpay engineering team will have that added for you. 

That is how convenient they are to make things for you.

You can check software and themes compatibility in the list provided here:



With that being said, we conclude Peachpay is the best payment gateway that will assist you in your online business


This is for all the above stated reasons. It will significantly reduce your cart abandonment problem without you having to work long hours for this. 

It ensures great customer experience,  and gives you a lot of customization options. You can even add your logo to your peachpay button. And certainly, you have one click checkout, multiple currencies and one time login for your customers. 

I mean, what else would you need?

Also, it is backed and funded by Woocommerce, in case you are looking for any validation.

These were all the reasons for the unbought products after they were selected. 

But there is one thing you need to do:

Get it now!

Here’s the link for you:   

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