WooCommerce Plugins Updated to Version 2.0

WooCommerce launched it’s new Version 2.0 yesterday (6 March, 2013). Even N-Media launched Personalized Product Manager and Personalized Checkout Manager plugins a week ago but due to massive changes in WooCommerce newer version we have to update our both plugins.

Now both plugins have been upgraded to Version 2.0 from Version 1.0. All existing customers can upgrade to new version. Make sure you have updated to Woocommerce 2.0 to use new plugins. These plugins will be listed under Member Area.

Personalized Production Option Manager

This plugin allow customer to upload file/images and add data using input fields on Product front-end page.

Personalized Checkout Options Manager

This plugin allow customer to upload file/images during Checkout

New Features

Along with fixes, there are couple of new features added into Personalized Product Manager:

  • All product meta  will be sent in email (invoice email), also user can see it once order is placed.
  • personalized-product-meta-email-meta
  • Separate panel for uploaded images against each product in Orders page.
  • personalized-product-meta-file-upload-panel