WooCommerce Web2Print’s solution: PPOM Texter

The Web2Print industry did take clothing to another level of customization and personality defining since the customers can have their very own text on the cloth they want to buy. With increasing access to the internet over the past decade, the web to print industry has spread a lot. Online shopping was always an integral part of the benefits of the internet and this is definitely one of the things that did attract people a lot to the internet. It is not really about what this offers. It is actually about the interest that it creates, it’s the fun part that really pulls people to it. Customers would just love to scroll through the products list, and from there to the suggested products and then to the next suggestions and it would go on unless they would realise that they have spent, already, a significant amount of time just searching through these. This is what makes online shopping unique in itself.   

N-Media proved to be really helpful for sellers around the globe in customizing their online store with a unique, and one-of-a-kind plugin, PPOM. It, nevertheless, was a success. The Web2Print industry can never be ignored when it comes to anything related to online shopping, N-Media did have this in mind. Here we unveil in front of you three PPOM Add-ons developed specifically for the Web2print sellers;

 A major way of increasing efficiency in the Web2Print industry is to define a certain place in that particular product where the text can be added. This will save time in printing, will make it faster and much more efficient.N-Media, seeing the necessity of solving this problem, developed this Add-on for PPOM, called ‘Texter’.

With this plugin installed, you being the Admin can specify the place on that particular product on which you offer Web2Print services.  This will, therefore, ease you up with this problem, since your customers cannot go out of that particular area, specified by you from the backend. This is how it looks!

  1. Texter
  2. Google Font Picker
  3. Text Counter

This one, however, is only for Texter. 

A major problem that existed always when you are providing customers the ability to enter their own text for the product they are willing to buy, was space defining. People would enter too long texts that could not be contained in a specific space and also, would never look good if size is shortened. It does affect a lot in quality, look when worn, and in maintaining expenditures.        

Texter 1

By clicking this button, your customer will be taken to the next page which looks like this.


So, the space is specified and there are plenty of options to customize your text to.

That is how it works, and that is how it will impact your setup regarding the Web2Print services you offer.


Download this Add-on now from the following link: