Wooconvo Dokan Add-on: Communicate with your clients right from your dashboard


N-Media has always been there to establish new stuff in the growing WooCommerce industry, providing its clients an edge of customer-seller convenience and access to modify their store’s all according to their requirements. That is what we are determined to be, being ahead of everyone else in providing our customers the best of what’s available.

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Dokan Marketplace

Dokan Marketplace is a famous plugin in the industry, allowing vendors to open web-stores, but the problem that existed was their inability to communicate with their clients. N-Media created the WooConvo Dokan Add-on, enabling the vendors on Dokan Marketplace to send messages and files to their customers right from their Dashboard.

 This is a new, unique, and advanced addon that allows the admins to communicate with their clients. This will enable them to chat with their clients, ask them anything, and also share documents/files with them. Their clients can send them samples and the seller can send them demos of what they have done. This will enable time saving and will increase efficiency of work. So, the problem is solved.

This is one of the most demanded add-ons that N-media has developed, to deliver up to their best, for their clients. This plugin has also been integrated with WooCommerce Frontend Manager (WCFM), so these users can also use it as well. So, we completed our promise, have your dreams come true too, download the WooConvo Dokan Add-on.

Download this from this link: najeebmedia\ Wooconvo Dokan Add-on

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