WooConvo – WooCommerce Vendor and Member Conversation

WooConvo - WooCommerce Vendor and Member Conversation

WooConvo-WooCommerce Vendor and Member Conversation

Tired of facing problems communicating with your customers? Can’t keep track of your orders? Having difficulty with connecting the orders to the customers? Are your sales declining because you can’t keep up with your orders? Can’t give updates to your customers? Or maybe you’re mixing the customers with some other orders. Well, you’re in luck. N-Media’s WooConvo plugin is here to save you from all the troubles with just one-click solution.

WooConvo is a totally new and unique approach to manage order. The idea behind this plugin is to provide a direct way to communicate with buyers against each order. It’s not like some other regular messaging plugin between clients and admin, it’s more like a trio – a triangle between the buyer, vendor and order. Each order has its own chat history, where both, customer and vendor can exchange the details about the order more efficiently.

With a fully functional WordPress chat plugin, not only you can increase your sales – as it’s the quickest way to remove buyer objections – but it also allows you to build stronger customer relationships. And, with the constant updates of the plugin from our professional developers, you’ll never run into any trouble regarding the plugin.

WooConvo comes with a wide set of features.

Send messages and files:

Sending files while explaining a problem regarding an order is often important and we did not forget to add this important feature into our list.

Fast and simple UI:

With WooConvo’s simple and straightforward UI, you won’t have to worry about any complexity while installing the plugin or using it or that it’s taking too long to load or anything for that matter.

Messages history/order:

We understand the importance of text history, when it comes to listening to customer’s problems. Each order will have its own chat history, thus removing any confusion for you.

Compatible with every theme:

No need to worry about buying the plugin and then getting stuck making it work with other themes. We care for our customers. So, we take care of your needs and just charge a little for it. N-Media’s plugins are compatible with each and every theme you can find.

Email notifications:

We have installed an additional feature, so, you can get notified by email if you want.

Change the message box location:

Some people are different, so they might not like the way we have organized the elements of WooConvo. Congratulations to such, you can customize the UI to your needs.

Compatible with WC product vendors.

Compatible with WC marketplace.

Get Your WooConvo Plugin

Make your clients more closer to you with a simple plugin. Explore all the features.

New 2020 Add-on called WooConvo Revision Request:

This is a really useful new update for WooConvo plugin by N-Media. It will provide customers with options to whether they want to accept admin’s work/task, whatever that may be, or reject. If they reject, it’ll notify the admin immediately and the message box will open again until it satisfies the customer. So, the admin can revise his work according to the customer’s needs and send it again.

A visualization of the revision add-on for you to understand easily:

[vcex_image_grid img_size=”medium” overlay_style=”title-excerpt-hover” title=”yes” title_type=”title” image_ids=”12438,12437,12436″ lightbox_skin=”minimal”]

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