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WOOHero Customize Your WooCommerce Store in Few Clicks

Woocommerce is one of the fastest-growing entrepreneur businesses in the world, and with more invasions comes more competition. So, to be successful you need to be unique and more competent in a sense that really makes you the perfect online seller. Therefore, you shall customize your WooCommerce site.

In this tutorial, we will see how you can customize your checkout page, the texts specifically which you probably cannot do in the in-built web editor. We will be using WOOHero developed by N-Media, because it is an advanced and an easy to use plugin; and it’s efficient too.

You can download it from the following link: WOOHERO

1.Before & After checkout billing Form

You can edit your favorite text just above and below the billing form, which basically contains the details regarding the payments, which the customer needs to enter. Have your unique text in this place to start building your checkout page.

2.Before & After checkout registration form

 A checkout registration form is the one where the customers provide their details like email address, address, name etc. You can add text before and after this form. This might be helpful for you for giving some directions regarding the information that is to be added. That’s just a suggestion. It is all up to you the way you want to use it.

3.Before & After Checkout Form| WooHero

This feature will enable you to add text before and after the checkout form. Just add your text and save changes to have it on your site’s checkout form.

4.Before & After Customer Details

Just before the place of customer’s details and just after that place too, you can add text that can help the customer to add accurate information. You can also use this feature, just like the rest of them, to make your site unique with your creativity.

5.Checkout Billing

Add some text just on top of the checkout billing section of your Checkout page. Best place to direct the customer regarding the accurate details that are to be provided.

6.Checkout Shipping

That place, where the shipping address is entered is the checkout shipping. Add text of your choice there too!

7. Before & After Shipping Form

Shipping form is where your customer enters the details of the shipping address. Have this customized to your needs with the text of your choice.

8. Before & After Order Notes

Order notes are a very important part of the checkout page, after all, it contains details regarding the orders of your clients. They are necessary to be edited with the relevant text that serves best there.

9. Before & After Review Order Shipping

Buyers are asked to review the list of products that they have chosen. It is necessary since your client is not physically present. Have your text entered in that place for most convenience to your buyers.

10. Before & After Review Order Totals

Add the text that gets the customer to know that he has to review so that he does not face any problems afterward. You can add some relevant content in there too. As an example of after review order totals, you can enter: ‘ reviewed. Let’s proceed….’. 

11. Before & After Review Order Payments

Get the customer to review all the stuff regarding his payments. Add texts before and after, and ask your customer to proceed.

12. Before & After Review Order Submit

This feature enables you to add text before and after the ‘Submit’ button. You can use this to remind your customer about reviewing his order details, or even you can use it to thank your customer as well.

13. Before & After terms and Conditions

The last step of the checkout page is ‘Terms And Conditions’. Have your text on top and bottom of the page, convincing him to review it so that he knows what is in there. Will help you prevent any further problems.

How to?

As an example, I am changing this text: ‘After terms and conditions’. I wanted this text to be on its place:‘for more details about conditions please contact’ and I added my html alongside as well. Then click ‘Save’ and that’s it.


This is how it changed the checkout page of my website.


WOOHero has made this really easy for customizing any text on your web-store which you can not with the WordPress’s settings. This will definitely make your website much more advanced and will lead your site to new levels of achievements, about which you never thought of. That’s it, and best of luck for your businesses!

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