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woohero nmedia store customizer

Plugin / WooHero WooCommerce Store Customizer

WOOHero (WooCommerce Store Customizer) is just a great WooCommerce extension to customize any store. Like change button text/labels, add contents and much more. WOOHero is compatible with all WooCommerce themes.
No coding experience requires to change button text/label, add new contents inside WooCommerce core pages. WOOHero nice and simple
settings will handle all for you. Following details and screenshots explaining all powerful feature of WOOHero.

Getting Started Video

Customize/Change Text

  1. Add to cart (Single product)
  2. Add to cart (Shop/Loop)
  3. Out of stock (Single product)
  4. View product (Grouped product – Shop/Loop)
  5. Select options (Variable products – Shop/Loop)
  6. Buy product (External product – Shop/Loop)
  7. Place order (Checkout page)

Customize WooCommerce Core Pages

  1. Before cart table
  2. Before cart contents
  3. Cart contents
  4. After cart contents
  5. After cart table
  6. After cart
  7. Proceed to checkout
  8. Cart coupon
  9. After cart totals
  10. Before cart totals
  11. Cart is empty
  12. Before mini cart (cart in widget)
  13. Widget shopping cart before buttons
  14. After mini cart
  15. Cart totals before shipping
  16. Cart totals after shipping
  17. Cart totals before order total
  18. Cart totals after order total
  19. Before shipping calculator
  20. After shipping calculator

WooCommerce Actions/Hooks

WOOHero (WooCommerce Store Customizer)using Woocommerce core hooks/actions to customize, zero coding requires. Just install and use.
Details Here

WOOHero PRO Features

WOOHero PRO has more powerful feature and control to customize your store like:

  • Customize Shop/Store page
  • Customize Product page
  • Customize My account page
  • Customize Checkout page
  • Customize Thanks page
  • Customize Change button titles (add to cart etc)
  • Customize Product Page
  • Disable Related Products
  • Customize Related Products
  • Add Unlimited Product Tabs
  • Enquiry/Get a Quote Form for Product
  • Front-end editor to add/edit contents

Change Any Text

Another a cool feature of WOOHero PRO version is that you can change Any text from entire site. Like if you want to change ‘Billing Address’ text on checkout
page, you can do this with WOOHero PRO.

Get Pro Version

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