Wordfence 6.2.0 Scan

18X Speedup in Wordfence Scan

Yesterday we released Wordfence 6.2.0 which includes huge gains in scan performance. Specifically we focused on reducing IO load and managed to knock it out of the park.

On sites of around 680 megabytes we managed to reduce the amount of data read during a scan by over 18 times.

We achieved this with absolutely zero reduction in the number of files.We scan or the number of scan signatures.

The scan is just as effective only way faster.

This was a collaborative effort where we worked closely with our customers. And hosting providers to achieve this remarkable improvement in scan performance.

Wordfence 6.2.0

Wordfence 6.2.0 also includes a new “low resource” scan which provides exactly the same scan but significantly reduces peak scan load on severely resource constrained servers.

To read about how we achieved this incredible gain in performance and about the new “low resource” scan, visit our blog for the full story and a few benchmarks….

Mark Maunder
Wordfence Founder & CEO

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