WordPress File Sharing with N-Media Front-end File Manager Plugin

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WordPress File Sharing is the best way to share files with site members with the N-Media WordPress Front-end File Manager (WFFM) Plugin. In this post, we will see how an admin can allow other users to share files with each others using File Groups. We will be creating a page in which files can be uploaded by any user or even guest user in certain File Groups. So let’s start, assume that you have WFFM Pro version installed.

In our example, we want to allow students who have a subscriber role assigned to share their Weekly assignments. So, we will create a File Group called ‘Monthly Assignments’ and get this new group id as shown below:

WordPress File Sharing - File Groups

Now copy the ID of this File Group (Weekly Assignment), in our case it’s ID is 3118. You need to paste this ID into shortcode as below

[nm-wp-file-uploader group_id="3118"]

You can add multiple group id separated by commas like:

[nm-wp-file-uploader group_id="25,35"]

Until this, only admin can access this page with above shortcode. Now we will add role into our shortcode so students can access this page. As explained above, our students have the role of subscriber. More than one role can be used separated by a comma. Now shortcode will become:

[nm-wp-file-uploader group_id="3118", role="subscriber"]

Sharing Files with Guest Users

If you want to allow guest users to access upload or download files, you can turn this by plugin settings. This option is available under the Front-end tab.

WordPress File Sharing - Front-end-files

WordPress Sharing File with Download Manager

N-Media Front-end File Manager Pro plugin has another great feature called Download Manager to share files with WordPress members and guest users. This does not allow users to upload files but only download files. Admin can create unlimited Download Pages by selecting different sources. Each Download Page can also be set for different users by role. For more details see video below:

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