WordPress File Upload Plugin with Amazon s3

NMedia File Upload Plugin for WordPress now can easily connect with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

[featured title=”Amazon Simple Storage Service”]Amazon S3 provides a highly durable and available store for a variety of content, ranging from web applications to media files. It allows you to offload your entire storage infrastructure onto the cloud, where you can take advantage of Amazon S3’s scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing to handle your growing storage needs. You can distribute your content directly from Amazon S3 or use Amazon S3 as an origin store for pushing content to your Amazon CloudFront edge locations. [/featured]

If you need to save media/big files over the cloud you can use our customized wordpress plugin to connect with your Amazon S3 account. You just need to place your API Key and Secret Key issued by Amazon S3, rest the game will be handled by our plugin. To get this plugin setup for your site please contact our Sales Team at sales@najeebmedia.com


nmedia amazon s31

NMedia File uploader is nice progressbar based wordpress plugin to let your site users or clients to upload files for you. It has Free and Pro Version. Free Version can be download from: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nmedia-user-file-uploader/

Table of Contents

Pro Version

For detail about Pro Version please visit this link.

  • really great feature! A question: the files will be directly uploaded to Amazon S3 storage or first in the web server?
    I see from the screeshot that i don’t must specify a bucket, where they will be stored?

    I would buy the pro version if it could have also these features (i could also pay extra for custom modifications):

    – uploader available only for registered users
    – automatically add a file dynamic prefix to the uploaded file with the registered WordPress username or alternatively automatically create folders based on WP username so can distinguish who upload files
    – mail notification for each uploaded file

    • The will be uploaded on on server first in a directory like wp-content/uploads/user_uploads/[user-name]. But once the file is put on Amazon server it will be deleted from server.

      Every user will have its own bucket like {username}-domain.com.

      Yes you will see all the features you listed below.

      Please contact the Sales@NajeebMedia.com if you interested to buy this plugin.

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