WordPress Mailchimp Plugin 2.0 Released

  • Hi Najeeb,

    Nice Plugin.

    1. Is there a way to split FirstName and Surname in two different boxes? or Add more fields?
    2. Is it possible to add the form within the post/page body rather than in the siderbar?
    3. The form does not appear when I access my webpage through mobile. Any help?


  • Hi Najeeb!
    I did the last update, an now everytime someone enters their email, the get a mesage to the effect that they entered the wrong email-adress. Is this a known bug? Also, the whole design is screwed up. I´m using the current wordpress version.

  • Thanks for the plugin!!
    Were still using ver 2.1. The changelog doesn’t address this so I thought I’d post and see if it’s been resolved in 2.2 or not. We’re getting problems with some registrations, but not all. This is the error they get:

    “Error: FNAME must be provided – Please enter a value”

    We have Show Names set to No. Given that this seems to affect some people and not others, it’s hard for me to test.

    Best, Brad

    • Hi Brad,

      yes all issues have been resolved, you can download latest version 2.3.


  • I just updated to version 2.4 and now subscribing doesn’t work. It just says “subscribing” and nothing happens. I’ve deactivated and reactivated the plugin, and even used a new API key and still the same problem. Any advice? Thank you.

  • Hello Najeeb!

    When upgrading your plugin (nice, by the way) to the latest version, it suddenly stopped getting along well with another plugin we use (Dynamic Content Gallery). Namely, activating both makes the DCG plugin stop working. The error shown in the Javascript Console reads: “jd.gallery_1_2_4_4.js:175: Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method ‘getElements'”. Inactivating the MailChimp plugin “solves” the problem, but naturally we would like to be able to have both plugins activated.

    How do we fix this? Thanks in advance.

        • well, think you need to disable jquery loading from my plugin.

          goto myplugin/nm_mailchimp.php, function load_js()

          in above function comment first three lines:
          //wp_deregister_script( ‘jquery’ );
          //wp_register_script( ‘jquery’, plugins_url(‘js/jquery-1.4.4.min.js’, __FILE__));
          //wp_enqueue_script( ‘jquery’ );

          and see if it works.


          • Thank you, it worked! You are golden. I suppose I will have to do the same changes the next update? It’s a shame there isn’t a “load if not already loaded” function…


          • my plugin autoloads the jquery, but there is some other plugin settings which is not scripted as per wp standards.

  • Hi There,

    Just started using this plug in and I get the message “subscribing” when I am testing it out, but in fact, nothing is happening. Is there anything I am missing here? Thanks!


    • Hi,

      make sure you have entered correct API key in Mailchimp options page and List is being selected in widget area.


  • Hi,

    I’ve installed the latest version 2.5 on my WP and I’m getting the error that’s been know with version 2.2 where I have show names set to No and still get this error.

    “Error: FNAME must be provided – Please enter a value”

    Could you help me out to resolve this or point out where I can disable error name checking in your code.


  • I can subscribe and get a pop-up thank you confirmation, but my mailchimp list is not updated. I have entered the API key, selected the correct list. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, but it is still not working.

    Is it possible to have a pop-up list for additional information such as address, organization, & phone number, without it displaying the whole form on the widget (which I used to be able to at least display the whole form, but not now)

  • Hi! I think this plugin would be perfect for my site..if I could get it to work;) Thing is, the plugin is not visible under “settings” so there is no way to put in the API cey.. Thoughts?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Elenore,

      You should see plugin option under
      Admin -> NMedia Mailchimp menu on left side.


  • Hi again!

    Everything went great with the installation! I have a few questions though.

    I tried to put in a html code for bold in the title but it just disappears.. Is that fixable?

    Can I make the submission box higher in some way? To be able to have more text in the box title without it coming behind the name boxes or just to make the submission box more visible to the eye.

    Thank you SO much in advance!

    • Hi,

      well it is smart and simple list subscriber plugin, you cannot add html and box height cannot expand then its maximum height.

      But if you want customized version of this plugin you can contact sales@najeebmedia.com.


  • Hi,

    Is it possible to change the ‘Subscribe to our news letter’ text?
    If so could you tell me where a bouts it is in the editor files
    There is no option for this in the admin panel.

    Great plugin by the way, considering upgrading to pro.


  • I downloaded your plugin today, version 2.5
    I have debug on in wordpress and I see this plugin is using the deprecated function get_settings() (deprecated since wordpress 2.1). You need to use get_option() now.

    • Hi,

      thanks for this, I just updated it. actually i was using this file for long time. 🙂


  • I am trying our your plugin in my wordpress page, but there are a few weird things happening.
    1. The background image I select is not showing up. It is transparent.
    2. The fields for Email and/or Name are only partially white. They start out white, and then about closer to the bottom of the field, they become transparent.

    Can you help?

    • Hi,

      please wait for new version, launching in couple of days, TONS of controls including theme template shortcode support.


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