Do limitless file exchange with customers with this wordpress marketplace plugin

wordpress marketplace plugin

WordPress marketplace plugin

WordPress marketplace plugin,Customers demand a good experience. Good experience is achieved through convenience. If the product is great after you offer great experience, you earn their long term loyalty. Communication, rather convenient communication, is a key factor in providing a great customer experience. 

In online businesses, queries are a very routine thing that needs immediate replies. There are a hundred things that people might need to ask before and after they place their order. And if they enquire about their already placed order through the regular communication channels, convenience follows. Having an efficient and reference based communication system will help solve the communication problem of many WooCommerce online store owners.

The communication problem

All online store managers including WordPress and WooCommerce store managers face this common problem of communication relative to buyer’s enquiries. Potential buyers can have lots of questions before they make their final buying decision. People who make buying decisions have their own queries as well.These queries are actually a bigger problem.

People who have already placed an order have their own queries related to delivery dates, quality, packaging etc. They might want to put forward  some special requests, like early delivery, some customizations etc. Sellers find it hard to know which order their buyers are referring to if they are contacting them through the regular channel. They would want some more details like order number, buying date etc. That’s when they could get the required solution. 

Now that could be annoying!

Wordpress marketplace plugin to 10X buyer seller communication

wordpress marketplace plugin

Najeebmedia has a plugin that will solve all of your communication problems. WooConvo is a WordPress and WooCommerce marketplace plugin that will enable you to communicate with your buyer’s order queries in a much faster way. Here’s how.

It will develop a messaging portal for the buyer to communicate on the checkout page. The buyer will type in his message and then he will click send. The seller will receive the message on his dashboard. An email notification will be sent to the seller’s email with a link to the dashboard. The seller can then reply immediately. Buyer can log on to his queries in the chat box and the seller can communicate that with the buyer. Sometimes, this communication can involve some designs. This might slow down the website’s server. This could be another problem.

Wordpress marketplace plugin for unlimited file exchange: AWS S3 Add-on

unlimited file exchange

File exchanges are inconvenient. I mean, all of us prefer not to do it until unless it is a necessity. In many businesses, there could be design files involved. These are very important. The sites can be large and that can be inconvenient and could slow down your site’s speed as it is an added burden on the servers. This was just one example. Hundreds of businesses and stores involve file exchange for multiple purposes. 

The AWS S3 add-on for WooConvo will allow you to exchange files in a very convenient way. All the files will be uploaded to the amazon web services, and their server will be used to transfer these files. This will not impact the site performance as the servers will not be burdened. You can also set the number of revisions for the uploaded files.

How much does it cost?

wordpress marketplace plugin

WooConvo is a one time payment plugin. It comes with a 10 day money back guarantee and 24 hours customer support. The total cost is 35$. AWS S3 Add-on will cost you 25$. A total of 60$ will enable you to communicate faster and exchange files in a much more convenient way. Isn’t that a great deal.

This WordPress marketplace plugin will 10X your communication with unlimited size file exchange

wordpress marketplace plugin

WooConvo can help you develop a smoother communication system which is not only fast but effective as well. Sellers will be able to respond to order related queries in an effective way. They will not have to enquire their buyers about the order number and other details related to that. With the add-on sellers can efficiently and uninterruptedly exchange files as well. With this,  we have this communication problem sorted. 

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