WP Amazon Plugin

Version 13.4: June 2, 2019

  • Bug Fixed: How to use link updated group field error fixed

WP Amazon Plugin: is add-on for N-Media File Upload and Download Manager Plugin. It uploads files to Amazon S3 Bucket of users using front-end form. Each files are arranged in different directories of each WP User_Login based.

How to use

Note: You must have installed File Upload and Download Manager Plugin to use this Add-on

Bucket CORS Settings

You also need to check CORS Configuration under Permissions menu in Bucket and it should following value:


<CORSConfiguration xmlns=""> 

How/Where Set CORS

  1. Select your Bucket (connected with File Manager)
  2. You will Permissions Tabs and then CORS Configurations
  3. See Screenshot for more details.
  4. NOTE: Do not include <XML> tag
Amazon S3 CORS