Communication with buyer made easier for yith multi vendor

yith multi vendor

WooCommerce YITH Multi Vendor

Retail marketplaces are a huge success. Buyers are able to find quality stuff at a very reasonable price. Reason being the multiple vendors who try to offer the most customer value. That is why retail marketplaces are able to succeed pretty easily as well. Communication is a problem in these setups. There are ways through which people can communicate with the sellers like through email, or through a message. But these are all time consuming, and inefficient. In some of the most widely used and competent plugins like YITH, this is one of the major problems that most sellers face.

The communication problem with Yith multi vendor

Buyer and seller can ask questions and enquire about their certain products. The problem exists with communication between the buyer and the seller after the order is placed. For instance, if a customer would want to enquire about the delivery of his product from his seller, he would have to email or contact the number. The seller, to respond to the query, would need some details for the placed order or product about which his buyer is enquiring about. He would need the order number and the date or time on which the order was placed. Then the details can be provided to the buyer about which he had his query.

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The perfect communication solution for Yith and other multi vendor sellers

To reduce the time served to complete the obligations required for an accurate response for a query(like order number etc), is to create a direct referral system for the query of the already placed order. If a buyer has to refer to his awaited product, the seller shall know it by seeing the message without the buyer being forced to fnd and put the details. A checkout is the most obvious place for such queries. What if we are able to create  a chatbox there? The seller shall receive a message for the placed query and he shall be able to respond to it immediately. The buyer shall also receive notifications for the incoming messages. What do you think about that?

WooConvo: The Buyer seller communication solution

N-Media’s  plugin WooConvo resolves the problem by providing a convenient solution that just goes with the linking. It is convenient and it is highly efficient. The WooConvo addon for famous multi vendor marketplaces like yith and dokan are also available. Order enquiries will be easier than ever to reply to.

Buyer’s will have a chat box created at their checkout. When the buyer will type in a query, a request, or any message, the seller will receive a notification on the email  address he connected his account with. The multi-vendor sellers will also have a chat box created at their dashboard, from where they could respond to all of the customer’s queries. The email notification will also be connected to their dashboard, and by clicking that link, the sellers can directly open their dashboard and respond without wasting any time.

yith multivendor

The solution is not at all costly!

The plugin is offered at a one time payment rather than a subscription. For Yith multi vendor platforms, they would also need to get the addon. The plugin is fully functional, highly compatible and convenient to use. There is a ten day money back guarantee and 24 hours customer support to solve any issue that you face while using it. The plugin only costs 35$ and the Yith add-on costs 25$. But if you buy both, the combo will cost you only 45$.

Order related communication is no more a problem!

With the order placed, you can respond immediately and fulfill all your customer’s needs. This is important. In return, you will have your customer’s loyalty, which will allow you to grow more. Buy this plugin now to unlock the best communication experience.

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