The only way you can add YouTube time-based links in your WordPress site

YouTube time based links

YouTube time based links

YouTube time based links…Nowadays, videos are a great way to explain. Websites are depending on video content more and more so they could connect at a deeper level with their audience. On websites, video links are embedded so that they can be displayed on the site, giving a nice welcome to the visitors. Also, these are being highly used for explanatory purposes too. YouTube is probably the best platform for embedding content on your site, but unlike YouTube, you can’t create YouTube time-based links for the embedded video. 

This is now possible!

YouTube Miner: The only YouTube time-based links plugin

On your website, when you embed a YouTube video, you will also be able to create time-based links with it. The splitting that shows on the YouTube video which we use for time based referrals, will now also happen on your site’s embedded YouTube video. This was a feature that you were not able to get before. You might be getting a hint by now of how crucial this could be. Users had to go through the whole video in search of the content they were actually looking for. With YouTube Miner WordPress plugin, your audience can skip to their desired content with the time based links that are created. You will get all the benefits of embedding a video from not just any platform but YouTube specifically, and get the added benefits as well that you were missing out on. It’s not just this with YouTube Miner, it has got way more to offer! 

YouTube time-based links Track clicks on all

Now that you have gotten the links into the video of your site, why not get some more useful benefits from this new feature. With YouTube Miner, you can get precise data about which link is being clicked by most people. With that data, you will be able to carry out major assessments about your audience’s preferences with respect to the content which that video has to offer. For example: If your video is splitted into 5 parts. You will be able to get the data of which part out of those 5 is being watched most and re watched by your audience. Working on those areas specifically can help you get greater reach to your audience. This is a great addition made possible for you.

Lazy Loading also added to improve page speed!

You might need to embed more than one video on the same page. Normally, this results in slowing down the page’s loading speed. This causes a bad visitor impression and can also impact SEO as the bounce rate is very likely to increase. With YouTube Miner, as you will have all the benefits you are looking for, your YouTube videos will also be lazy loaded. This will not affect your website’s page’s loading performance while you are getting all the benefits that you were deprived of so far. 

The price will surprise you!

This plugin provides you much greater value than you can imagine. The statistical data can be crucial for your website, and the features that it offers are unavailable, and it does not compromise your page’s performance. All of this at a very reasonable price of $30. You will get a starting guide and life-time warranty with customer support always at your disposal if you face any issue working with it.

Have your embedded YouTube video organized and tracked!

We have experienced how customer experience results in better response from visitors or buyers. Youtube time-based links and its associated features can help you elaborate on what you have to offer and can help you understand your buyer’s persona as well. The price is very reasonable too. Get your Youtube video time based linked and avail all the amazing features you have been deprived of so far.

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