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OrderConvo Connect Your Customer After Order Placed

OrderConvo is the best and only WooCommerce plugin to connect your Customers after the order is placed. Messages and files can be exchanged between the Vendor and Customers against the Order. WooConvo is a fast and simple UI to show messages and files per Order. WooConvo is compatible with all WooCommerce theme.

Results are saved as custom post type with all information like total marks, obtained marks, correct answers etc. Once result is save it can be sent to other people via email from result page in PRO version.

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New Feature

New messages now can be easily tracked with WooConvo. The dashboard widget displays all new message with a direct link to the order. Admin can easily access new messages.

Best Features

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Vendor and Customer Conversation


File Attachment

Responsive UI

Email Notification

All WC Themes Supported

Image Thumbs

Control Message Box Location

Multi-Language Support

OrderConvo Add-ons

OrderConvo Yith MultiVendor Addon

Yith Multivendor is a marketplace to allow vendors to open and manage stores. Now all the vendors can send and receive messages directly within their dashboard. Whenever a new message is received from the buyer the vendor will get an email notification as well.

OrderConvo Add-on Dokan & WCFM

Dokan is the most popular Multivendor marketplace with many rich features. So we have the WooConvo addon for all the vendors so they can manage order messages on their own. Whenever a new message is received from the buyer the vendor will get an email notification as well.


OrderConvo Addon Live Chat

OrderConvon Live Chat Add-on enables fast communication between vendors and customers. It’s an ajax based chat solution to send and receive chat instantly. Chat is disabled by default but the admin can turn it on against single sessions to save server resources.

WooConvo Addon Revisions


WooConvo Revision Addon allows a client to request revisions for the order. For example, a printing company may want his clients to request a revision for a design being send by the vendor until the client approves it. The number of revisions can also set. Once the file is accepted by a client a message is sent back to the client. Please watch the video for more details.

OrderConvo Add-on Quick Message

OrderConvo Quick Message Add-on is the best buddy tool for admin, it saves a load of time for admin to send the same messages very quickly. Admin can create messages templates and reply with a single click with a Pre-saved message. Work smarter and faster with QuickMessage Addon.


OrderConvo Add-on AWS S3

By default, all the attachments are uploaded to the current server. But if you are accepting a larger number of files or file sizes are bigger then it may be trouble your server in terms of performance and space etc. WooConvo S3 upload Add-on upload all attachments into AWS S3, just add your S3 credentials and that's all. Faster upload for all types of files especially big files. Please see this guide to configure the AWS S3 bucket.


Getting Started Video Tutorial

Woocommerce Vendors and Customers Conversation



$ 35.00
One-time payment
  • Single Site
  • Unlimited Updates
  • PRO only
  • PRO Support Access


$ 99.00
One-time payment
  • Single Site
  • Unlimited Updates
  • PRO+Addons
  • PRO Support Access


$ 349.00
One-time payment
  • 50 Site
  • Unlimited Updates
  • PRO+Addons
  • PRO Support Access

1. How conversation is started against order?

Once the order is placed, the customer sees a button against each order.

2. How Vendor/Admin response to customer?

The vendor can see messages inside the order panel and reply there.

3. Email sent to other party when new message sent?

Yes, if enabled by settings.

4. Is it compatible with all themes?


5. Will it work with all themes?


6. How I will download the plugin and invoice?

You will get an email with login details to our client portal to download your plugin and invoice.

Compatible with

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