WP Front-end File Upload and Download Manager

WP Front end File Upload and Download Manager plugin allow users to upload files, create directories using most secure Upload script. Each user can manage his file privately. Admin can access all files from admin. Nice and simple UI to manage files and directories and much more.

Getting Started Video


New Feature

PDF Viewer Module Added in PRO Version

Front-end File Manager

Best Features


Simple & Fast UI

Each file and directory are shown as thumbs. Breadcrumb is shown for directories. Searching and sorting controls.


More Controls

Set Filesize, Types, Button labels and much more with plugin options.

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File Limit/User

Control files limit per user and Filesize can defined on User Roles.


Allow Guest/Public Uploads

Allow guests users to upload files without being member of your site.

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File Meta

Create meta fields and attach with files. User can set File Meta info against each file.


Admin Notifications

Set notification message and Recipients got alert on each file upload.


File Sharing

Allow user to share his files via Email with secure download link.


File Sharing in Groups

Files can be shared within groups so easily. Admin can setup download area based on Groups and Roles.


File Groups

Create unlimited File Groups. File groups are like categories where files can be linked with different groups.

More Features


Latest Add-on - File Revision

This Add-on allows users to update existing files. Files history can be also be maintained. The best Add-on to manage documents history without deleting the current one. See screenshot for more details.

Add-on - Download Manager

Create Unlimited Download Pages. In new version you can choose file sources like by Group, member roles or even individual members. Download page access can also be defined member roles, individual member or guest.

Add-on - User Specific

Admin can share files with specific users. Like a manager or teacher needs to share some files with his client or student, this Add-on will enable one to one File Sharing. These share files can be downloaded by users but they can’t share it with others or delete. Large files can also be uploaded into user directories and then easily attached to the user under Users page in Dashboard.

Add-on - Amazon Upload

Amazon S3: with this addon all files will be uploaded on Amazon Bucket. It’s an ideal solution for sites/companies accepting large files and it won’t over load your local server. Files are arranged in Buckets in directories.


BuddyFiles Addons

BuddyFiles Addons allow users to upload and manage files inside BP. All privates are private or can be shared inside a group.


File Manager Add-on WaterMark

File Manager WaterMark Add-on adds a watermark on every image uploaded by users. The best way to protect your images uploaded on your site with this addon.


File Manager Add-on Table View

Event the current grid view to display the files is very nice and simple. But for the larger number of files Table view gives users a better look to browse these files. Files can be sorted by title and date etc


$ 35.00 One-time payment
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  • PRO only​
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$ 150.00 One-time payment
  • Five Sites
  • Unlimited Updates
  • PRO+Addons
  • PRO Support Access


$ 349.00 One-time payment
  • 50 Sites
  • Unlimited Updates
  • PRO+Addons
  • PRO Support Access

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Free Updates Forever

10 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Most frequent questions and answers

Each file is uploaded in wp-content/uploads/{user_name} directory

Admin can see user files in dashboard.

Yes Admin can upload file for specific user with Addon User Specific (see above for more detail)

Admin can set any file types in settings.

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What is the offer?

Get FILE MANAGER + All Addon in $75.00 ($800)