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WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin allow site admin to edit, add and remove Checkout’s fields. It is divided into three sections like Billing, Shipping and Order. Billing and shipping  are core fields and they can be managed like:

  • Change billing and shipping fields labels
  • Change billing and shipping fields description/placeholder text
  • Set billing and shipping fields  required/not-required
  • Arrange billing and shipping fields order (drag & drop)
  • Control billing and shipping fields
    • Add fields
    • Edit fields
    • Remove fields


  • Set Billing and Shipping Field Order
  • Remove Billing and Shipping Field
  • Add Billing and Shipping Field
  • Set Billing and Shipping Field Not Required
  • Add 13 Type Input Fields After Shipping Field
  • Easily Reset to WooCommerce Default Fields
  • Best File Upload Script
  • iPhone/iPad supported
  • Field level validation message control
  • Large image upload with Chunk feature

Input Types

  1. Text, Textarea
  2. Checkbox, Radios
  3. Color picker
  4. Date picker
  5. Email
  6. File Uploader (HMLT5 based)
  7. Pre-uploaded images
  8. Masked input
  9. Select box
  10. Section break
  11. Country List

Store Admin

All fields submitted on checkout page is sent to admin in Email and also attached into order panel. Billing and Shipping fields can be found under their default sections in admin order. Attached Files are shown as thumb in e-mail and order panel. Plugin Guide.



Following link will redirect to Demo WooCommerce based store. Add an item to cart and proceed to checkout to see how this plugin works.

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Looking Support

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Plugin screenshot

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Video Tutorial

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8 June, 2014: Version 3.2 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Feature: set default values for text and textarea
  2. Feature: Number type input added with max, min and step controlling
  3. BUG fixed: warnings, undefined variables and indexes errors have been removed