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WooCommerce Product Quick View

Popups Product detail on Shop and Category pages

WooCommerce Product Quick View allow users to see WooCommerce products in nice Popup on Shop and Category Pages. It loads product detail very FAST because this plugin is using WooCommerce core single-product template and functions rather than using any custom and extra templates. Therefore It’s loading time is super fast. It’s really a Quick View to WooCommerce products.

  • Fastest loading time (Guaranteed)
  • Use WooCommerce core ‘single-product’ template and functions
  • Show products tabs and related product (optionally)
  • Variable products also supported with all variations in Popup
  • Compatible with WooCommerce  Personalized Product Add-on
  • Different popups styles and speed
  • Compatible with all WooCommerce themes
  • Change quick button location and colors

How to use this plugin

  1. Just install the plugin from zip file and activate
  2. After plugin is activated options can be found under WooCommerce -> Woo QuickView
  3. All options are easy to use and self explanatory


  1. Change button position
  2. Show/hide icon
  3. Set button label, bg color, text color, bg color on hover, border radius
  4. Popup transitions styles
  5. Transition speed
  6. Hide/show product tabs in popup
  7. Hide/show related produc in popup

Screenshot shop page


Screenshot admin