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WooCommerce 2Checkout Payment Gateway Setup Guide

Getting Seller ID

Log into your 2Checkout Account and you can see you Seller ID on top right corner of the screen

2checkout Seller ID

Getting Keys

  • Log into your 2Checkout Account
  • Click on API Menu on top
2Checkout Keys

Configure Regular Checkout

If you are not using On Site Payment then you need to configure your 2Checkout with following settings:

  • You must setup proper return URL and notification URL under your 2Checkout Account
  • Log into 2Checkout Account then Account > Site Management and make the setup:
    1. Set the Direct Return as Header Redirect (Your URL).
    2. Fill the Approved URL using a URL like:
      1. http://yoursite.com/?wc-api=WC_Gateway_NM_TwoCheckout
    3. Set Secret Word strong one.
Regular Checkout